Happy New Year

January 13, 2014

Christmas came and went … New Years came and went … and now it’s back to work … I really should NOT have blinked.  I am thinking that most of you feel the same.

2014 looks set to bring many wonderful challenges this year and I am feeling very excited about what’s in store.  Poppies will be foremost in my year … no doubt … but there are other projects that I will also be working on including the latest International Freeform Challenge … the theme this year is “one colour” … which was my preferred theme … but now that it’s settled I am starting to realise that one colour is really a difficult theme to interpret.  My sister-in-law Marg and I usually collaborate on this project and we have had our first planning meeting … and settled on a way forward.  You will need to wait now until the challenge is published before we will be allowed to reveal our work … but we are feeling very inspired.

Today was our first Poppy Playtime at Fed Square in Melbourne and we had a great turnout … with lots of poppies to add to the total.  After the workshop … Marg and I walked down to the City Square in Melbourne to have a look at the newly installed Yarn Corner yarnbomb installation  … and were suitably blown away.  Big … nay HUGE congratulations to the Yarn Corner team for an inspiring installation … worth a look if you get the chance to visit in Melbourne.

image (3).jpegYarn Corner Jan 2014

image (4).jpegYarn Corner Jan 2014

image (7).jpegYarn Corner Jan 2014

image (8).jpegYarn Corner Jan 2014

image (10).jpegYarn Corner Jan 2014

image (11).jpegYarn Corner Jan 2014

image (15).jpegYarn Corner Jan 2014

image (22).jpegYarn Corner Jan 2014

image (2).jpegYarn Corner Jan 2014


Where did those two months go …

November 14, 2013

It’s been two months since I last posted … I feel like I am making a confession here.  Not that I haven’t wanted to … it’s just that well … I’ve been busy.

Marg (sister in law) and I have had a very busy couple of months … the 5000 Poppies project has hit fever pitch much earlier than we expected and well … we thought we would have 500 poppies for our milestone display at Fed Square this week … but ended up with close to 5000 (and I mean close) so the display was a much bigger effort than we initially thought.  Coupled with the fact that we changed galleries in Fed Square for the installation at the last minute so we had to do a rethink on HOW to display … and then of course there was the actual physical installation … and it looked FANTASTIC.  Must thank EVERYONE who has been involved to date.  And grateful thanks to Sue and Anette who came along on the day to help install.  We are proud and thrilled … you can read more on the 5000 Poppies blog …


photo 1

5000 Poppies Display Fed Square Nov 13

Throughout this time, Marg and I were also preparing for our very own personal planting of Remembrance Poppies at my Dad’s Battalions’ Cypress Pine at the Shrine of Remembrance on Monday morning …. 120 poppies all on sticks planted around the tree …  This was a tribute to both our dads … Wal Beasley and Stan Knight … beautiful men both … and we miss you every day … it meant so much to us both.

IMG_0231_0802Remembrance Day 2013

IMG_0240_0811Remembrance Day 2013


IMG_0248_0819Remembrance Day 2013

I even took my other knitting to Pubcrafters this week just to get back to normal …. hahaha … forgot the pattern … knitted unpulled, knitted unpulled, knitted unpulled.  Still fighting with it even now … trying to keep a pattern correct while increasing for the sleeves … you know the drill.  Looking forward to getting back on an even keel next week … just before the Christmas fever  hits … there will be holidays and LOTS of crafting … and the poppy juggernaut will continue to roll on to its modified goal of 25,000 poppies by April 2015.

There will be more posts in the next week as I catch up on myself.



Catching Up on Myself …

September 16, 2013

Its been a couple of very busy weeks since I blogged last.  I have been to a fantastic stitching retreat with Leanne Beasley of Leanne’s House and Gail Pan to beautiful Waikiki on the island of O’ahu in Hawaii with a bunch of truly wonderful women … where I learned traditional Hawaiian quilting.  That was novel for me … I’ve never quilted before but  I think I have a taste for it now and am looking forward to a time when I may be able to add more quilting to my bow. I certainly would have loved to have spent more time in Hawaii exploring.  What a beautiful part of the world … and what beautiful people.

I am now back at work and also back into poppy making mode.  Things are moving along quite nicely in poppy land.  Tomorrow night we have our first felted poppy workshop at Open Drawer in Camberwell while the rest of the nation continues to create poppies of all shapes, sizes and materials at a rate of knots.  We now have in excess of 1500 poppies for our initial display in Fed Square in the second week of November which is unbelievably exciting … but even more exciting are the stories that the 5000 Poppies Project is uncovering.

Late last week I was able to make it to the Embroiderers Guild Victoria exhibition “Traveller’s Tales” … and was blown away by the unbelievably beautiful work these women do.  Disappointingly I was unable to take photographs but I will post an image of the piece that I purchased once I get it home.  Very excited.  The exhibition is on until 22 September and certainly worth a visit if you get the chance.  I would love an opportunity to go back and spend a little more time there.

Embroiderers Guild


Cancer Council’s Garden of Hope

August 20, 2013

So I promised to share what we were doing with all those daffodils …. 120 of them to be precise. And here they are : our first sanctioned yarn bombing … does that even qualify as a bomb if you were commissioned to do it????? A conundrum.

The Cancer Council is building a Garden of Hope in Fed Square to mark this year’s Daffodil Day.  Gorgeous plantings of both real and crocheted daffodils.

Kinda like a pimple of a pumpkin really … but given the time constraints … Marg and I are VERY happy with the outcome.  If you are near Fed Square in the next week you can see the garden and write a message of hope to those affected by Cancer everywhere.  Did I mention how cold it was.  Thank you so much Deb Lewis for braving the elements and helping me install …







120 Daffodils

August 18, 2013

More than 120 daffodils and 62 granny squares ready for yarn bombing this Tuesday … and finished with a day and a half to spare.  Now for my life back … or I should say … now back to poppies.  I will post more photos once we have installed.  Suffice to say … a lovely bright project.



Flowers Springing Up Everywhere …

August 11, 2013

Thought I would share with you a sneak peek of a secret project Marg and I have been working on for the last two weeks … suffice to say … I feel like I’ve been here before and my house is chock full of daffodils and poppies right now.

All will be revealed in another couple of weeks.



The Weeks are Flying …

August 8, 2013

Today is a catchup day after a really hectic month of work … social and crafting activities.
There is still much to be done … but it can wait …

However, I really wanted to share this amazingingly gorgeous scarf that my friend Jan has just completed … crocheted from beautiful mercerised cotton on a 1.5mm crochet hook if my memory serves me … what a work of art … what a labour of love.  So impressive … and the colours just work beautifully don’t you think?  Brilliant work Jan …

Jan's crochet scarf 2

Jan's crochet scarf