Blue Days Throw Rug

I am a keen freeform knitter, and this is a very small piece of my current project – my Blue Days Throw Rug – although the colour is not great.  My sister-in-law Margaret is freeforming her own spectacular throw rug in neutral tones with all sorts of wonderful embellishment, and we have challenged each other to duelling scrumbles – that is we must make at least one scrumble every week.  In this way we will be helping each other to keep on track for our September deadline.  I will post more images over the coming months.

Blue Days Throw Rug

So that was published in April, after I had made a reasonably good start on the blanket.

I’m pleased to report that approx. 12 months after it was started my blue days throw rug is now complete. It is approx 180cm x 140cm and weighs in at 3kg (that’s a lot of yarn).  I am very happy with the outcome – which is just as well I think.  It is very heavy and very warm and I like the uneven texture so I don’t think I’ll even block it as I was thinking.  Here is an image of the finished product.


5 thoughts on “Blue Days Throw Rug

  1. my freeform looks like something the dog would enjoy eating, do you know someone who runs classes?

    I think what you are doing is fantastic, such talent and color choices, keep up the great work.!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Lynn and all knitters
    thank you for a wonderful afternoon Pennie’s
    Thanks Pennie for the use of your house,
    We probably sow about 600 square yesteday
    not a bad afternoon works!

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