Crochet Coral

SAD BUT TRUE …. my crochet Coral workshops at Fed Square have been CANCELLED

If you would like to get involved in making crochet coral … Contact the Melbourne Satellite Reef project for details on workshops.








  1. This looks like fun! Whereabouts in Fed Square and what time is the session?

    • Hi Rachel,
      Sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you. At the time you contacted me, the future of the crochet coral workshops at Fed Square was in question and so didn’t really want to commit. I am sorry to say that the crochet coral at Fed Square is no longer happening but we are doing crochet poppies for a massive project as a tribute to the ANZACS in 2015 which will be both meaningful and fun … you can read all about it on my blog at http://www.5000poppies.wordpress.com Or if you are really keen on doing the coral you can contact the Melbourne Satellite Reef project for details on workshop times. See their blog for contact details http://crochetcoralreef.org/satellite/melbourne.php

  2. Hi Lynn, are you running any freeform knitting/crochet classes anywhere at the moment? I am inspired by your rug and would like to start my own neutral version. Rowena

    • Hi Rowena, I am not running any classes at the moment. I am however, running some poppy workshops for my new 5000 poppies project at Fed Square on 2nd Monday of every month from 12.00 to 2.00 p.m. and I would love it if you could join us for poppy making – see my blog 500poppies.wordpress.com. I am happy to talk to you about basic freeform there if we get the chance. In the meantime, Prudence Mapstone will be running an advanced freeform workshop in July which may or may not suit. She is a wonderful teacher and mentor.
      JULY 23 (Tuesday)
      Beautiful Silks, 101 Victoria St, Fitzroy, Vic, Australia
      Bookings and enquiries to info@beautifulsilks.com or (03) 9419-7745

  3. Hi Lynn, thanks for giving me details of Prue’s Melbourne workshop. I have booked in and am looking forward to it tomorrow, having completed my first freeform knitting bag, based on her book. A friend and I would like to join one of your poppy workshops and was wondering if you will be running any on the weekends, given we both work? Rowena

    • Hi Rowena,
      I just KNOW you will enjoy Prudence’s workshop … she was my teacher way back in the dim dark ages and it changed the way I viewed knitting and crochet forever. Enjoy the colour AND enjoy the working without a structure. It’s so freeing.
      I will be doing poppy workshops … and have a few irons in the fire … I don’t know if you are on facebook : you can join our facebook group 5000 poppies or follow us at 5000poppies.wordpress.com for updates. I will post details at both those places when I have a few workshops in place. I am also planning to do a felted poppy workshop at some stage in the near future. Lots to organise … keep telling myself one step at a time.

  4. Thanks Lynn, the workshop was fabulous and I’m inspired to continue a neutral coloured freeform knitting blanket I started in the class. Will join your fb page and look out for details of future workshops. Rowena

    • Hi Rowena,
      Would love to see images of your blanket as you progress. My sister in law is doing a beautiful neutrals freeform blanket … and every now and then I get to have a little play.
      Enjoy freeforming.

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