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Happy New Year

January 13, 2014

Christmas came and went … New Years came and went … and now it’s back to work … I really should NOT have blinked.  I am thinking that most of you feel the same.

2014 looks set to bring many wonderful challenges this year and I am feeling very excited about what’s in store.  Poppies will be foremost in my year … no doubt … but there are other projects that I will also be working on including the latest International Freeform Challenge … the theme this year is “one colour” … which was my preferred theme … but now that it’s settled I am starting to realise that one colour is really a difficult theme to interpret.  My sister-in-law Marg and I usually collaborate on this project and we have had our first planning meeting … and settled on a way forward.  You will need to wait now until the challenge is published before we will be allowed to reveal our work … but we are feeling very inspired.

Today was our first Poppy Playtime at Fed Square in Melbourne and we had a great turnout … with lots of poppies to add to the total.  After the workshop … Marg and I walked down to the City Square in Melbourne to have a look at the newly installed Yarn Corner yarnbomb installation  … and were suitably blown away.  Big … nay HUGE congratulations to the Yarn Corner team for an inspiring installation … worth a look if you get the chance to visit in Melbourne.

image (3).jpegYarn Corner Jan 2014

image (4).jpegYarn Corner Jan 2014

image (7).jpegYarn Corner Jan 2014

image (8).jpegYarn Corner Jan 2014

image (10).jpegYarn Corner Jan 2014

image (11).jpegYarn Corner Jan 2014

image (15).jpegYarn Corner Jan 2014

image (22).jpegYarn Corner Jan 2014

image (2).jpegYarn Corner Jan 2014


Cancer Council’s Garden of Hope

August 20, 2013

So I promised to share what we were doing with all those daffodils …. 120 of them to be precise. And here they are : our first sanctioned yarn bombing … does that even qualify as a bomb if you were commissioned to do it????? A conundrum.

The Cancer Council is building a Garden of Hope in Fed Square to mark this year’s Daffodil Day.  Gorgeous plantings of both real and crocheted daffodils.

Kinda like a pimple of a pumpkin really … but given the time constraints … Marg and I are VERY happy with the outcome.  If you are near Fed Square in the next week you can see the garden and write a message of hope to those affected by Cancer everywhere.  Did I mention how cold it was.  Thank you so much Deb Lewis for braving the elements and helping me install …







120 Daffodils

August 18, 2013

More than 120 daffodils and 62 granny squares ready for yarn bombing this Tuesday … and finished with a day and a half to spare.  Now for my life back … or I should say … now back to poppies.  I will post more photos once we have installed.  Suffice to say … a lovely bright project.



Daffodil Bombing for Daffodil Day

August 24, 2012

The long wait is over … a year in the making … this morning my sister in law Margaret, Pennie and I excitedly yarn bombed our daffodils outside Peter MacCallum Hospital with Perry looking on. 110 magnificent daffodils dedicated to our parents looked fabulous in the early morning light. With love and thanks to those who contributed …. you know who you are xxxxxx


Thank You Palm Cove

July 12, 2012

Well here we are in beautiful sunny downtown Palm Cove Queensland and after nearly two weeks of doing not too much at all … It comes down to the last few days and the sun comes out … Prior to today … although still warm … We have had overcast and windy days .. perfect weather for not doing anything much except eating, drinking, word puzzles, and knitting (or crocheting) with a smattering of rainforest walking and a bit of exploring of other towns that we can get to on the local buses. As luck would have it … or good planning as I like to call it … I did bring a few projects to do that wouldn’t tax my brain while its in relaxation mode … like knitting blanket squares for Glastonbury Childrens Home in Geelong (ran out of yarn for that now so must wait til I get home to continue) plus lots of yellow yarn for creating daffodils for our Daffodil Day yarn bombing project and which because I have been waking at ridiculously ungodly hours I have managed to create quite a few. But really this post is not all about that … It’s about my tiny weenie yarn bombing installation on one of the palm trees on the beach opposite our accommodation … So thank you Palm Cove … This is a small token of my appreciation for lovely beaches, stunning rainforest walks, warm but not too warm days, balmy nights, great restaurants and brilliant masseuse (that would be Debbie at A Fuller Life).