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November 11, 2010

My most favourite fashion accessories label d-lux has finally gone online.  Now you can buy your next favourite scarf 24/7 for delivery to almost anywhere in the world. Woohoo?

If you want to look at the new d-lux site (eye candy) visit … and they have a prize draw if you sign up for their e-newsletter before Christmas.  Maybe you’ll get an early Christmas pressie!!!

Click on the image below for a better look … and spread the word far and wide.


Ta Da!!!!!

October 31, 2010

The day has arrived. The scrumbling challenge has been met.  I have finished my blue days throw rug.  Break out the champagne.  It’s just over a year since I started, and it has become quite an obsession over the couple of months … more than likely because it has been sitting laid out on our pool table in our main living area constantly beckoning me to have a play.  And, of course, I couldn’t just walk past day or night it without doing something … a little sew in there … at little piece to knit/crochet for a tiny section there … a little rearrangement everywhere.   The final measurement is approx 180cm x 140cm with an irregular border.  And now it’s finished. We have our pool table back (yay says the 17 year old) and I can rug up warmly even though its nigh on summer here.

What’s next?


Felted Gorgeousness

October 25, 2010

I have not had much time for blogging recently – busy at work and at home – more than slightly focused on getting my current projects finished … so that I can get on to new projects. Who wishes their life away like that. I am quite ready for a new creative challenge and haven’t yet decided what that might be. Knitting needles and crochet hook at the ready – or embellishing machine, or sewing machine, or overlocker, or any other machine – I am such a collector of gadgets.

My Blue Days Throw Rug is almost finished – a couple of new pieces and a bit of embellishment and some sewing in of ends and it will be complete. No small feat and over 12 months of my life invested (give or take quite  a few distractions in between).  Once it’s complete I will publish lots of images.

But, my really big news is that Open Drawer – a local craft gallery (full of the most gorgeous original pieces), retail space and teaching workshop has recently opened and I am excited to say that apart from being one of their contributing fibre artists, I found the most wonderful felted vessel (see image below) by Brigitte Haldeman in the shop when I was visiting last week – and simply had to have it.


Scrumble Scrumble Scrumble

September 21, 2010

Haven’t written much lately because I have been busy finishing off a few projects to get them off my plate.  Exciting news is that there is a new craft gallery “Open Drawer” opening within the next month in my area and I have also been getting my submissions together for their retail space and the gallery space and … excitement abounds … I’ll also be teaching freeform knitting/crochet on a regular basis which will be wonderful.  More when the gallery actually opens. In the meantime, I’ve been scrumbling away again on my blue days throw rug in an effort to make some progress – I keep telling myself it would be really fantastic to have it completed for the opening of the new Gallery, but I’m not convinced I can do it.  Let’s see how well I can focus my efforts.   Given that the theme for this piece seems to be round motifs, I get a little ahead of myself so that I can just incorporate them as needed into my scrumbles.  In this image there are some spirals, mushrooms, bullions and a couple of knitted circular pieces as well.


Blue Days Again

August 26, 2010

It’s been some time since I’ve posted about the progress of my blue days throw.  I have admittedly been so focussed on crocheting coral for the Melbourne Satellite Reef Project (yes some may say obsessed) that I have not done nearly enough work on my throw and have thrown my original deadline out the window.  Never mind, the deadline was self-imposed and making coral has been way too much fun to give up!!!!!  In the meantime, however, I have managed to block out my throw to check my progress – and I thought I’d share with you the current state of play.  Hopefully it will inspire those among you who are thinking about taking up the art of freeform knitting/crochet (so much fun).  As for the Satellite Reef, we’re coming to the end of coral making (I’ll give you a peek at the coral progress next post).  Final deadline for submissions is late September and then our exhibition opens at Burrinja Gallery in Upwey Victoria on 9th October (more details in a later post).


Scrumbling Naturally

August 2, 2010

I’ve not made mention of my scrumbling challenge with my sister-in-law Margaret for some time because we have both been bitten by the crochet coral bug and have been making coral with gay abandon for the Melbourne Satellite Reef Project. However, I thought it was high time to share with you the progress of Margaret’s beautiful freeform rug in natural tones … it is so gorgeous and so tactile, and such a work of art, that I can’t wait to see the finished project.  We are still working towards completing our projects, but it may take a little longer than we anticipated.  In the meantime, here are some images for you to marvel at.


Weird Scrumbling Behaviour

July 7, 2010

Oh dear … sometimes I wonder if I am just a little obsessed. I am currently on holiday in Port Douglas, Far North Queensland … you know … beautiful one day, perfect the next.  The weather is a balmy 26C (about 78F) each day – overcast, humid and trying to rain, but even so, really a very welcome break from the cold weather in Melbourne.  And what do you do while you’re on holiday in one of the most beautiful parts of the country? Surely you wouldn’t take a suitcase full of wool so that you can whittle away the hours with needles and hooks … or would you? Well I have to admit, that’s exactly what I’ve done. Knitting is my relaxation (as well as my passion) and I’m enjoying waking early and having some quiet time to myself in the wee small hours scrumbling away on the balcony with only the birds chirping (who knew birds could make so much noise) and a nice cup of tea.  So my blue days throw is still progressing nicely even while I am on holidays.