Really loving this Rowan Lima yarn …

May 19, 2013

I am knitting number one (and only) son a jumper (that’s Australian English for sweater)  at his request.  Surprised me really that he would want or wear a handknitted jumper.  But I promised and so now it’s underway … but … he has quite sensitive skin and so only the very softest yarns would work for him.  That’s where this absolutely delicious Rowan Lima yarn comes in … 84 percent baby alpaca, 8 percent merino wool and 8 percent nylon.  It is sooooo soft and so lovely to knit up and I am really enjoying it.  The pattern is a freebie on the Rowan website called Smisby by Marie Wallin.  It has a quite simple fairisle yoke and the fabulous star stitch pattern for the body … which I have knitted before with various yarns and loved … but with this yarn it knits up much softer.  I will share more pics when I have knitted more.

Evan's Jumper


One comment

  1. Looking good – love the colours. Will be interesting to see fairisle when you get to it.

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