Sew Your Ends In As You Go People!!!!!!

April 20, 2013

So … I have not posted for some time.  Excuses are many and varied and really just not good enough … suffice to say that I  have been distracted.  But I am back now!!!! Did you miss me? 

So not only have I not posted …but I have not done an awful lot of crafting.  I think my mojo was indisposed somewhat.  However, deadlines looming have made it impossible to ignore that which must be completed … and over the last couple of days I finished the border (please remind me NEVER to do that border again) on my Babette blanket and (with a little kick start from my wonderful SIL) I am now into sewing in the ends.  WHAT ON EARTH WAS I THINKING as I blithely changed colours several times in every single square … that the ends would sew themselves in????? There is always a reckoning with ends and mine is now.  Mindless, boring, must be done sewing in of the ends. 

In my classes I always teach my students to sew in the ends as you go … it make life so much easier in the end.  I was kinda excited about getting to the end of the border … and in retrospect … it really would have been a good idea to follow my own advice I thought …

P.S. the outcome will be worth it … I just know it.







  1. Looks great Lynn, one day I think I will need a lesson!!!

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