Hooked on Coral : Federation Square Workshops

March 8, 2013

YAY !!! Its finally official : I am running crochet coral workshops in Federation Square on the second Monday of every month starting this Monday.

Join us in the upper square this Monday 11 March from 12.00 until 2.00 p.m. and learn to make colourful crochet coral at our Hooked on Coral : Making Crochet Coral Motifs workshops.

The workshops will continue on 2nd Monday of each month right through 2013 for aspiring coral crocheters. Bring your own crochet hook and a little fibre to start although I have some yarn if you need.

And at the end of the year … we hope to make a wonderful display of crochet coral in Fed Square.

This is the most fun you can have sitting down …. or almost!!!!!






  1. Hi Lynn, the photos look fantastic, would have joined you tomorrow but the weather will be too hot for me. Have fun

  2. WOW, your work is amazing, any chance you’ll sell your patterns, I will be interested, please contact me!

    • Thanks Mariasol. Actually the work is not all mine … it’s a group effort and there are no patterns. This is all freeform work. Just pick up a ball of yarn and start crocheting. It seems the more freeform the better. Although having said that … if you google crochet coral patterns you should find that some people have actually written patterns for some types of coral. Mine is all freeform though.

  3. Is there an address we can send some work to to add to the craetion?

  4. Will you be taking contributions from outside your area?

    • Thanks Maria. I am no longer doing the coral workshops at Fed Square. But if you are keen to make coral … then the Melbourne Satellite Reef Project may be taking contributions.

  5. Hi, i find you through OgleOgle.com, your work is amazing… I love crochet and these corals look so beautiful and neat.

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