Crochet Babette Blanket

February 14, 2013

I would dearly love to say that I am nearly finished.  And I AM closer to the finish than the start … but this border seems to be taking forever and I still need to sew in the countless ends.  However, I thought I would share the progress of my border because I think it’s not too shabby.  Having been inspired by Sister in Law Marg (I wonder if she knows how often I refer to her in my posts) and her clever borders … AND having borrowed her book of 150 Colorful, Creative crocheted Edgings by Edi Eckman … I chose exactly the same edging as she used in the main pic from my last post. And … I am not sorry I did … except it takes forever and is a bit fussy and fiddly but I am absolutely sure it will be worth it in the end.  So I really need to put this project away now for a little while because deadlines are looming for other exciting projects and I need to get moving on those.





  1. Hi Lynn this is looking absolutely fantastic and I hope you will be able to post a photo of the completed project so we can see the colours all working together. You are a very talented lady.

    • Thanks Val and Anne. Looking forward to finishing now and moving on, but I have enjoyed making my first granny squares blanket.

  2. What a gorgeous border, love your color choices. I’m just getting ready to sew a bunch of granny squares together on my afghan… looking for a cool border. I think I found it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Looks great Lynn, worth the effort and will look fantastic when finished

  4. I love the border!!! Very unique and pretty

    • Thanks Danielle … it is however, very slow going. But I love the outcome.

  5. I looks great! How do you get the colours to cross over at the outside edge of the border?

    • Hi Frieda … thanks for your comment. It’s a really interesting border but very slow to do because you are working both colours simultaneously and cross them over as you go. It’s very slow going. It’s border #100 in Edi Eckman’s book Around the Corner : Crochet Borders if you can get your hands on it.

  6. Beautiful colors & so exceptionally crafted … please post MORE!

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