International Freeform Challenge

February 4, 2013

This week feels like the start of the year.  Even though a month has gone past since new years and I have been back at work for three weeks … it still felt like the world was in slow mode (including me) and nothing much was happening … a combination of warm weather and slow traffic on the roads among other things.  So now school is back and life will get back to normal … whatever “normal” is. Craft wise pretty slow for me over the last 6 weeks or so although I am pleased to report that I have completed joining my babette blanket and am now planning the border … looking forward to doing something more than just edging for the border … my sister in law has shown me the benefits of spending time on the border to “finish” off the project.  Nothing too fancy mind … but a little more than just a crochet edge.  Time will tell and it will probably take me as long to do a border as it took to crochet the squares … and then there is a sewing in … why oh why did I not crochet my ends in?  Never mind … always a price to pay for a better outcome.  Here are a couple of her finished borders shown on some charity blankets we did last year.  Just a little bit of detail makes for a great finished product … don’t you think?

Granny Squares_0011

Granny Squares_0012

Granny Squares_0013

So next stop … really must get started on my collaborative (with sister in law Marg) entry for the 2013 international freeform challenge.  This year’s theme is MOTHER EARTH and we are not supposed to talk about our entries or show any images until after the launch of the book … but once again Marg has come up with a really wonderful idea and so now we need to get to work.  I am always a bit slow to start but then tend to gather momentum fairly quickly and then it’s a race to the end.  Ahhhh! the thrill of a deadline!!  So you will see something of this project later in the year no doubt.  Last year’s challenge was “Music and Art in Fiber” and we had such fun with that one.  Once again a slow start with a rush to the finish but it was worth it.  You can see all the entries from last year’s challenge here.  There are no barriers and no cost to enter … all entries are published and you can purchase the book if you wish once it’s published.  The challenge is open to all members of the International Freeform Fiber Arts Guild and you can join on Yahoo.  If you are looking for something to play with … it is a challenge and certainly makes you think outside the square with your fibre art … but this is the third year for us and we love it.

Apart from that I have a few unfinished projects to pick up and run with and looking forward to moving ahead with those … and then seeing what other exciting things that 2013 has in store for me.


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