Crochet Coral @ Federation Square continued …

October 29, 2012

We had an enormous amount of fun at the crochet coral display/workshop at Federation Square last Friday for the 10th birthday celebrations. The Square was buzzing with people despite the very changeable Melbourne weather … lots of school aged children and a huge amount of interest in the coral display … with a few game people participating and actually making some coral to add to the display.  So excited that we will be doing regular workshops … on the second Monday of each month from November 2012 and right through 2013 … and looking forward to some new reefers coming on board.  Huge thanks to Avril, Marg and Maryanne for their help on the day.



  1. Lokk fun and I love to see lo of crochet flower. thanks for sharing those pretty photo.

  2. The colours are so vibrant – they really brighten up a grey day! Can I join in from Tassie? =D

    • We’d love if you want to join from Tassie. You can even start your own Satellite. Click on The Melbourne Satellite Reef link in my blogroll for details or join our group on facebook.

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