The Wellington Group

October 15, 2012

I met Norma, a wonderful lady recently at one of my Glastonbury Squares workshops who does voluntary work with The Wellington.

The Wellington is a small community centre in Collingwood just over the road from the public housing estate. On the estate there are over 50 different nationalities and there is a huge problem with isolation and loneliness of people who either from a language barrier, mental illness or health issues find themselves unable to cope with life. The Wellington provides programs that encourage people to socialise and come together with others that they may not normally associate with. One of the programs is a knitting group.

Each year Norma encourages each participant in the knitting group to create an article for the Royal Melbourne Show. This year the knitting group’s entries won two 1st prizes, two 2nd prizes, one 3rd prize, a Very Highly Commended, two Commended and their yarn-bombed bicycle won an overall best in show.

What an amazing group … what amazing achievements … I am constantly reminded in the craft work that I do … just how generous the craft community is … on so many levels,  and I agree that this group are proof that an craft/art such as knitting or crotchet can be a wonderful tool to bring people together to enjoy each others company and alleviate loneliness.


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