Stuff and Nonsense

October 7, 2012

I have been busy the last few weeks as this time of year usually tends to be … but I have managed to squeeze in a few “crafty” bits in between my hectic social activities.  My blanket for Glastonbury Childrens Services is finished (YAY!!!!) and I am now just finishing off a little gGrrRrrrr softie to go with it.  Yesterday I held a workshop at my local yarn store … Emotive Yarns in Ashwood to knit squares for blankets … and had a great turnout … around 18 or so women to knit which was absolutely fantastic … It also helped a bit that Emotive Yarns are closing down their retail store for the summer season and had lots of lovely yarn walking out the door for 50 cents and $1.00 a ball … bargain  … it was hard to leave without a CAR FULL … so I didn’t.

… and I have been doing some preparation for a meeting next week with Federation Square to talk about the Melbourne Satellite Reef … hopefully that will culminate in something wonderful for the reef.  It would be fantastic to see it on display in a really public place … It’s too amazing to be tucked away in storage … so more on this to come.

My next project “SMALLS” is starting to come to life  … more on that soon.  And I am already looking ahead to the 2013 International Freeform Guild Challenge which I have been involved in for a couple of years with my sister in law Marg … love, love, love working on projects with her.  Who has time to work!!!!!



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