What’s on my needles ….

September 10, 2012

I’ve been very busy craft wise since my lovely stitching hiatus in Mauritius.  First the daffodils completed and bombed … that project was so much fun.  And now about to knit the corners for my Glastonbury camouflage squares blanket before sewing it up.  And then I have at least one other blanket to make from donated squares before my sister-in-law and I send these and a couple of blankets she has made off to Glastonbury. I’m keen to know how they are going towards their 85 blankets. In the meantime, I have made a couple of cute little crochet floral pin cushions just for a bit of fun … and because I haven’t had enough of the daffodils (still working on the optimum size) and will post images when I am happy with them … and I also am working on the next bunch of Royal Rats.  It seems they have been popular down at Open Drawer and they need a few more before Christmas sales kick in. Who has time to work??????  The family pool table comes in very handy as a workbench every now and then!!!!


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