Daffodil Bombing for Daffodil Day

August 24, 2012

The long wait is over … a year in the making … this morning my sister in law Margaret, Pennie and I excitedly yarn bombed our daffodils outside Peter MacCallum Hospital with Perry looking on. 110 magnificent daffodils dedicated to our parents looked fabulous in the early morning light. With love and thanks to those who contributed …. you know who you are xxxxxx



  1. Wonderful – the daffodils look great! =D

    • Thank you … it was a wonderful project …. kinda sad it’s done with … now what’s next????

  2. This is just beautiful, must be so fun to do the bombing! And such a lovely tribute.

  3. […] last night one of the first posts I came across was from the Lynnberry blog. In her post this woman describes how her and a group of fellow yarn bombers planted 110 […]

  4. They look amazing! I walk past every day and see them lighting up the corner. Eventually i thought maybe google can help me find out about these. And here i am. Well done, id love to hear the story behind them. Are they allowed to be picked? 🙂

    • Thanks Steve.
      My sister in law and I together with a small group of friends made and planted the daffodils. It’s a tribute to our Parents all four of whom died of various forms of cancer. We thought daffodil day was the perfect day to present them to the world. They weren’t designed to be “picked” because we think they look fantastic as a mass planting … but we expected that they would be and certainly some have been … I am surprised there are still so many there now. Glad you get to enjoy them.

      • That is so cool! They’re even more brilliant for the back story. Love it all!

  5. I just walked past these daffodils this morning and they were so magnificent!! Put a smile into this beautiful spring day. Thanks

  6. Article in The Age this morning about a documentary being made in Melbourne about yarn bombing – I wonder if they will include this.

  7. I am sorry that some were picked when it wasn’t the intention for them. But, I also feel stirred in this, because someone may have been able to feel warm and comforted in taking one and keeping it, or passing it on to a loved one who needs something so special.
    My mom is a survivor of breast cancer, since 1976, and she will be 86 soon! I am sad for your loss, and thankful you have found such a precious way to honor those whom you loved so dearly.
    They are beautiful, and the gesture is beautiful!

    • Thanks Shelley. I am kinda happy that they now have another life. We let go of them as soon as they were planted. And we know that at least a few went to cancer patients in the hospital. We were honoured really.

      • Yes, that is how I see it. Plus, weather will ruin them eventually, and in this way, they may live longer and bring more happiness!

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