A Week of Stitching and Laughing Out Loud in Mauritius

August 23, 2012

I have just spent the most amazing, hilarity filled week in Mauritius with an outstanding bunch of women learning new needleworking skills …. I actually learned to stitch and needlepunch. The verdict … stitching not so good …. I discovered that you simply cannot get a good, neat backstitch happening with a Beachcomber Signature Martini in one hand and a Pina Colada in the other. On the other hand … if I may say so myself … I was quite the dab hand at needlepunching (something about the way Rosie taught us to thread the needle punch just struck a chord with me) … and I even managed the put the beverages away for a while to get that project or at least the needlepunching part to bed. The completed piece is now off with my gorgeous roommate  – Meg Howie … to be turned into something a little more serviceable. I look forward to seeing the outcome. We truly had a fabulous time, stitching and laughing and sharing skills and stories … And, after working (incredibly) hard each morning at our needle craft … we were lucky enough to be whisked off to tour the island … and I could be seen on buses and in cars knitting and crocheting away … much to the locals’ amusement apparently.


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