Stop the world ….

August 14, 2012

The last few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind … work and play.  Last week was the Home & Giving Fair in Melbourne where I worked on the d-lux stand.  Always excited about working on the d-lux stand at a trade show … it looks amazing with some 400 plus stunning scarves and fabulous jewellery (and gorgeous baby stuff) all colour coordinated … I so love it when someone who hasn’t seen the product before stands in front of the stand and just gapes.  At the same time … I have been working on a renovation of our coral atoll (which has seen many more miles than it was designed for and was showing signs of wear and tear) in time for an exhibition which starts at the end of this week at Open Drawer in Camberwell .. until 2 September (an absolute must see).  And … getting ready for a trip to Mauritius (all play) with a bunch of women on a Quilting tour with my sister in law Leanne Beasley of Leanne’s House, Rosalie Quinlan of Rosalie Quinlan Designs and Melanie Dekker of Melly & Me … what fun that will be.  So off to the airport with the sparrows in the morning.  Will be back with more news in a week or so.


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