Melbourne Satellite Reef comes to Camberwell

July 25, 2012

Joy oh Joy!!!! We are about to see the Melbourne Satellite Reef again in all it’s glory and so much closer to home.  Open Drawer 1158 Toorak Road Hartwell will be hosting the Melbourne Reef for a short time from Friday 17 August to Sunday 2 September.  This is one of the most amazing works of fibre art I have ever seen … with local contributions from hundreds of people from school age to nursing home residents.  This is a MUST SEE.  The Crochet Coral Reef is brainchild of two Australian women now living in Los Angeles … and has become a worldwide phenomenon with satellite reefs springing up all over the globe with thousands of contributors and seen by millions of people  …  read more about the Global Reef project here.



  1. Stunning! I think there is one being made here in Tasmania too; waiting for some info about it … =D

    • You will really enjoy doing it … so much fun and so creative. You are welcome to contribute to the Melbourne Reef if you wish. Really anything goes … any colour … the challenge is how wild you can really get with fibre. Enjoy!!!

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