Thank You Palm Cove

July 12, 2012

Well here we are in beautiful sunny downtown Palm Cove Queensland and after nearly two weeks of doing not too much at all … It comes down to the last few days and the sun comes out … must.resist.temptation.to.overdo.the.sun. Prior to today … although still warm … We have had overcast and windy days .. perfect weather for not doing anything much except eating, drinking, word puzzles, and knitting (or crocheting) with a smattering of rainforest walking and a bit of exploring of other towns that we can get to on the local buses. As luck would have it … or good planning as I like to call it … I did bring a few projects to do that wouldn’t tax my brain while its in relaxation mode … like knitting blanket squares for Glastonbury Childrens Home in Geelong (ran out of yarn for that now so must wait til I get home to continue) plus lots of yellow yarn for creating daffodils for our Daffodil Day yarn bombing project and which because I have been waking at ridiculously ungodly hours I have managed to create quite a few. But really this post is not all about that … It’s about my tiny weenie yarn bombing installation on one of the palm trees on the beach opposite our accommodation … So thank you Palm Cove … This is a small token of my appreciation for lovely beaches, stunning rainforest walks, warm but not too warm days, balmy nights, great restaurants and brilliant masseuse (that would be Debbie at A Fuller Life).




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