Works in Progress

June 23, 2012

I always have something on the go.  I don’t feel like it’s a compulsion to knit although others may disagree … but even when I am “not knitting” as in having a little knitting hiatus and maybe a little more focused on one of my other loves like … reading (which I do a lot), I tend to still have a project running that I can pick up and continue on with which doesn’t really need me to rejig my brain each time.  Unfortunately it’s really difficult for me to read and knit at the same time … not like knitting and watching television which most knitters can do with varying degrees of success.

So where was I … oh yes … always have something on the go.  My “on the go” project at the moment is a large shawl … knitted entirely in garter stitch from yarn scraps (I could quite easily call it the destash shawl).  It’s around 1 metre wide and when finished it will be approx 2 metres long.  And it is nearly finished.  Knitted in blacks/whites and shades thereof (the colours of my team) it is really like a rag rug and will be so warm to wear.  It’s been hanging around for some time and really I have made specifically to keep me warm at the football on cold winter afternoons. The thing is … I have around 20 cm to knit and we have football tonight and it’s really cold in Melbourne at the moment and I really want to take it with me … so you can guess what my focus will be today.  I will let you know whether it got finished or not.  And then … free to knit squares for Glastonbury or work on one of the other myriad of projects I have on the go.


Postscript : The blanket was finished … got taken to the football and kept me warm and toasty all evening as I watched the mighty Magpies hang on by a thread to win by 3 points … Yay!!!


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