Knitted Blanket Squares for Glastonbury Childrens Home

June 20, 2012

At WWKIP day on 9 June  … my sister in law and I joined a group of wonderful ladies at the Uniting Church in Queenscliff .. to knit squares for blankets for Glastonbury Community Services … which is a Childrens home in Geelong.  The premise behind the blankets is that the children that are looked after by Glastonbury often arrive with NOTHING but the clothes they are wearing. It’s such a small thing … but the research they quote shows that often just having one thing that the children can claim as their own and take with them on their (sometimes rather tumultuous) journey helps a lot.  So I am knitting squares to make blankets and I would SO LOVE IT if you could knit crochet or otherwise manufacture squares for blankets as well.  We all love to knit, crochet, otherwise create.  We have made a few really awesome blankets already … I am happy to make the blankets up  … you can deliver your finished squares to Emotive Yarns 43 Vannam Drive in Ashwood (which by the way if you get the chance to visit you really should – it’s compulsive knitter’s paradise).

The goal is to make 80 blankets.  At last count they had 25 finished blankets … so a ways to go. Knitting squares can be lots of fun … you don’t need to stick to plain knitting.  This image is of some blanket squares our Pubknitters group knitter a while back for another charity. The more colourful … the better.


The size of your squares should be 7 inches square.

Size 4 needles with 8 ply yarn and 30 stitches over 50 rows should give you a 7 inch square or the pattern below for a corner to corner knit which my friend Pennie has done recently for some lovely baby blankets.  However, you can knit any pattern, any yarn, and colour.

Yarn 8 ply Needles 4mm (size 8)

Cast on 2 stitches

At the beginning of each row … knit one and knit into the front and back of each stitch (increase) – then knit to the end of the row.

Repeat until you have 50 stitches and work measures 23 cm (9 inches) from corner to corner. This should give you a square of about 7 inches (18cm).

Then knit 1, knit 2 tog at beginning of next row and knit to end of row.

Repeat until two stitches remain then knit 2 together to finish off.

Please don’t forget to sew in your ends.

Send finished squares to Lynn

Thats it … let the squares begin.


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