December 8, 2011

Although I have not posted for some time on this blog … it’s still alive and feebly kicking while I focus on my 365 day scarf blog – up to No. 265 this weekend folks.  However, every now and then something comes along that I feel must be shared and this is one such thing.  So … this is an excerpt from a post by braindebris.wordpress (which you MUST click over to and read the whole  blog because it is very funny) … and I am beginning (albeit with some trepidation) to think that it may be the way of the future for me (I am still giggling at the original post here).  So read, enjoy and click over to braindebris for a belly laugh. Thanks to Liver Chick Knits for pointing me in this direction …

…  While not provocative, this photo did bring up several questions. 1. WHAT is she willing to knit for sex?  Is she giving away swatches or sweaters?  Does it depend on the requested act?  Do men who provide merino alpaca blend get “bonuses”?Maybe she’s knitting patterns from Naughty Needles or DomiKNITrix.  2.  Why is the man behind her so enthusiastic?  Is he her pimp or is he just finally glad he’s figured out how to get her to HAVE sex?  Notice the lip prints on his shirt?  HMMMMM.  3.  Who is the slightly inebriated looking gentleman with his dirty hands on gramma?  Maybe he’s the infommercial guy and the man in the back is the testimonial happy customer.  Maybe he’s an alpaca farmer and is throwing her this party for increasing his profits through her innovative entrepenuership.  4.  How long does it take her to knit for sex?  She better be using Addi-turbos if she’s got a high sex drive!  5. Why is she advertising on a paper cone hat?  Couldn’t she knit one?  6.  Does this mean that we know what all the little old men wearing scarves have been doing?  Is the length of the scarf indicative of anything?  7.  Is this why so many elderly ladies take up knitting?  I thought it might be because they needed something to do while waiting for the Viagra to kick in.  At the very least I thought the needles would be a great deterrant.  Seems not so much!



  1. There is nothing dirty or deceptive about this picture. The photo was done as a prank.There were no dirty hands either. She was a kind gentle elderly woman who enjoyed a good sense of humor. This should ease your dirty minds.

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