WWKIP Day 2011

June 9, 2011

This weekend (Saturday) is World Wide Knit in Public Day.  There are many knitfests planned around the world for this weekend and my pubknitting group will be attending a public knit in Melbourne’s Federation Square (11 a.m. Saturday 11 June).  What a bunch of exhibitionists we knitters are.  Click here to find one in your area.


It should be fun (providing the weather doesn’t try to defeat us).  In any case.  There are plenty of projects to work on … but the one I am most excited about is our little Pubknitters yarn bombing adventure.  We are putting together a long gorgeous flower garland to adorn some public property around Open Drawer in Camberwell.  Such a fun little project – it will be installed on 19 June – so if you are a Melbourne resident (somewhere around the Camberwell/Hartwell area) keep your eye out in Toorak Road Hartwell near the intersection of Summerhill Road for our little piece of yarn grafitti.  As I said earlier … us knitters are big exhibitionists.


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