Crochet Coral

March 29, 2011

Our crochet coral workshop on Sunday was a huge success with around 20 people attending some of whom had never crocheted before.  Everyone went away very inspired and hopefully we will have a new group of contributors to the ever growing Melbourne Satellite Reef.  We were lucky enough to meet up with Dot Vallence who is on the committee of The Australian Sheep & Wool Show,  Bendigo. She was so taken with the small display we had at the workshop that we are negotiating to display the Melbourne Reef at the show this year in July.  Very exciting, and also very gratifying to those many, many contributors to the reef to see their work on display once again.  More information will be posted closer to the show.  If you wound like to get involved in one of the reef workshop groups .. contact Tracy Hayllar through the Melbourne Satellite Reef.



  1. Hi there, I am a journalism student at Deakin in melbourne, Just wanting to know if you would be willing to answer a couple of questions about this project? I know it was a while ago but I’m still interested 🙂

    • Hi Renay,
      Thanks for your enquiry. Would love to talk to you about the the Melbourne Satellite Reef project but think you would be better off talking to Tracy Hallyar melbourne.satellite.reef@gmail.com who is the instigator and curator of the project in Melbourne.

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