Crochet Coral Workshop

March 11, 2011

I’m so excited about my forthcoming crochet coral workshop to be held at OPEN DRAWER in Camberwell Victoria on Sunday 27 March. It’s FREE FREE FREE and the most fun you can have with a crochet hook and a bit of yarn.
You certainly don’t have to be the best crocheter in the world – most of the stitches are really, really simple – and you can create the most stunning pieces of yarn art to add to the Melbourne Satellite Reef Project for their next exhibition. Come along and join the fun for the afternoon of hooking and chatting with like minded people.



  1. absolutely too beautiful for words. dont know how you did all this work, but i wanted to let you know that you just made my morning fill with sunshine! thank you for posting this and putting all the hard work into this project!!!! ❤

    • Thank you … certainly the most fun we have ever had creating with fibre. More stuff coming!!!!!

  2. is there a pattern for these? I love them..

    • Believe it or not …. all freehand from not native crocheters (we are knitters) who just got blown away by the concept …. some of the brain corals you can get from the hyperbolic crochet coral website http://crochetcoralreef.org/about/index.php … the rest we just made up as we went along. Important thing is COLOUR and loads of it … and a sense of fun and play. It seems that anything goes in coral … enjoy!!!

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