Knitting, Crochet and Basketmaking

February 28, 2011

After a truly long and exhausting working week in Sydney last week – I was pleased to be back for a well earned rest (and my own bed) on Wednesday night. I am now almost back to myself. However, on Saturday, all exhaustion was forgotten when my sister-in-law and I went to a basket making class at Holmesglen TAFE in Melbourne. I have to admit, I found it quite challenging but fun at the same time – and I was so inspired by the work of our class teacher Jill Taylor. We were taught to make our own “string” which is twisted fibre from all sorts of botanical ingredients mixed with yarn, feathers and other bits and pieces. With our string we then proceeded to each make a small “basket” (or in the case of some students “baskets”) – finishing off with other fibres such as raffia or yarn as needed to complete the project. I am not sure that basket making will become a “must do” project for me, but I really enjoyed the day – and there were some very clever interpretations.

While in Sydney however, I visited the Morris and Sons yarn store in York Street. I had heard about this store and wanted to take a look, and, because I hadn’t taken any knitting with me to Sydney, I was feeling like I needed a yarn “fix”. I was so entranced by the Sydney store, that I decided to visit the Melbourne Store in Collins Street on the weekend. WOW! Absolutely worth a visit. Some really beautiful yarns that I have not seen before… including the Morris yarn range and some gorgeous hand dyed yarns.  They also had some great knitting paraphernalia, ideas, patterns and many, many books.  In the immortal words of Arnie Schwarznegger : I’ll be back.



  1. Someones been having fun! Hi to Marg too – we MUST catch up for coffee (or champagne)!

    • I really think champagne is in order given your news too!!!!! Wooohooo!!! Can’t wait to see edition 2 xxx

  2. Hi Lynn and Margaret, I am absolutely ecstatic to read your words. Thank YOU for coming to my class, I enjoyed it too. I am really sorry that I have just found your site and missed YOUR wonderful class. Can we catch up though soon. Julie and I, plus friend Pauline from Sydney, are off to Burrinja tomorrow, Sunday 17th to see the Beanie Fest Exhibition beanies. We were all there in 2009. 😉 Jill

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