February 9, 2011

Over Christmas and new year, we had a challenge with our little pubknitters knitting group – we made  toys (the brief was in any medium – but we all chose to knit) for our local womens refuge.  Anette wins the challenge with a concerted effort to make 4 knitted teddies and a cute little elf.  We have Teddies, gGrrRs, humpties and even an upside down dolly made by Pennie.  They are pictured here sitting on Anette’s gorgeous knitted cot blanket (which you can’t really see).

Next month we are making beanies for children at the refuge – all from a wonderful new book Baby Beanies by Amanda Keeys. I had a bit of a hankering to make some beanies after I found a kit over Christmas.  Cute as they are, they were not particularly challenging  and there wasn’t much to them … and then I found this book at Sunspun in Canterbury.  It’s just chock full of the most gorgeous beanie patterns for babies and children.  The photography (all done by Amanda) is just so beautiful, and they are so much fun to knit up, who could resist.


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