Speaking of Scarves

August 17, 2010

This is my newest scarf creation – I call it coral.  Gorgeous, warm and snuggly, it was made as a gift for a colleague’s birthday.
I’ve named it Coral because the design is based on the crochet “coral” I am making for the Melbourne Satellite Reef Project. This one is made in charcoal silk/wool/mohair mix – very soft, very warm and very, very tactile.  Lovely to wear on really cold, blustery winter days. I’ve also included an image of the coral that the scarf was based on.

Crochet Coral



  1. will you post a tutorial for the scarf??

    • Hi Sandy,
      I had not planned to post a tutorial. It is not difficult to do …. simply create a chain as long as you want the scarf to be (call this the spine) … make “tendrils” off the spine by adding another 20 or 25 chain, single crochet along these 25 chain back to the spine … one single crochet into the next two chain in the spine and then start another “tendril” and repeat this along length of chain (call this one row) … then turn and repeat another row on the other side of the spine. To really thicken it up as in the image … add another one or two “rows” along the spine. Warning it can be quite heavy. Natural fibres work a lot better than man made fibres … because you need the fibre to “curl”. I used from memory a cashmere mix and it was beautiful and soft. You can do a much shorter version and use it as a neck warmer and that will give you the same effect but a lighter weight … this piece is probably too long given its weight. Feel free to contact me again if you need any more information.

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