I love it when a project comes together …

May 26, 2010

It’s so nice to finish a project … I’ve been working on this gorgeous cardigan for my girlfriend since before Christmas, as a surprise birthday gift and finished it just in time (sewing on the buttons the night before the big day).  It’s from the Debbie Bliss CasherinoDK knitting book, and I’d already knitted one for myself and no sooner has said friend seen it … she wanted one.  So I now have mine back in my wardrobe (after about 5 months sitting in hers) and she has a brand shiny new one of her own.  I love the cable detailing at the waist. 



  1. I think I want one in red

  2. I certainly consider myself very lucky to have such a wonderful, creative and talented friend who spent her nights knitting this fabulous piece just for me.

    I really, really, really, really LOVE it. It accompanies me on many of my weekends away and I really missed it when it needed to stay at home and have a wash!

    I love the cabling detail on it and when you see a photo of the back of the cardigan you will see her talents……it really shows what a clever bunny she is!!!

    It is the warmest and most loved cardy I have ever owned!

    I am truly honoured to wear such a piece.

    Love me
    (this is not a paid advertisment)

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