Geebung Polo Club Pubknitters

May 17, 2010

This last weekend, our pubknitting group got together to sew up the knitted patchwork blanket we have been working on for a number of months in between all our other individual projects.  The theme was autumn colours and there was great excitement as all the squares (and not so squares) were laid out on the floor and then pieced together (still just a little bit of sewing up to finish off).   This blanket  is the first major community piece our little group has produced and we are justifiably proud of ourselves.  We haven’t yet finally decided on a charity for our blanket but we all hope that wherever it goes it will be loved.  We are all now looking forward to the next project.

I must make mention of all the delicious (mostly homemade) food that was brought on the day.  Afternoon tea was sausage rolls, a cheese platter, homemade dips, fruit scones (with jam and cream), magical melting moments (my favourite) and the most delicious orange cake.  Dinner included yummy lamb shanks, excelent vegetable lasagne, perfect pork vindaloo and baked chicken drumsticks in a soy marinade with rice (the salad was forgotten) and a selection of specialty breads.  Dessert was a gorgeous chocolate torte and apple flan, with pretty little cupcakes to finish. Coffee was consumed and wine was flowing.  All in all it was a great afternoon/evening.  Many thanks to Pennie for the use of her house – where we had plenty of room to spread out.



  1. What a lovely group of ladies, congratulations to Lynne for her committment and organisation.

  2. Yes a very industrious looking bunch!!!

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