2010 Scrumble Challenge

May 10, 2010

Last week was a busy week preparing for a few new workshops and finishing off my entries for the 2010 Scarf Festival. I also travelled to Queensland on the weekend for big brother’s big birthday and spent a beautiful weekend being a tourist … aaaahhh Queensland, beautiful one day, perfect the next. The weather was superb and we didn’t waste a minute of it.

But I digress. Not much time for scrumbling unfortunately … trying to keep up with my commitment to myself to get my blue days throw completed by September. Each scrumble varies in size from about 20cm square … and I need to do around 80 plus sew it all together. I’ve been working on the project since about October/November 2009 and have made around 46 scrumbles. It will be quite big when finished … but I’m sure you know what it’s like when you’re working on a big project … interest waxes and wanes. That’s where the scrumble challenge comes in. My sister-in-law Margaret (who is also putting together her own beatiful throw in natural colours) and I keep pushing each other through this challenge and it’s a discipline to make sure we get at least one scrumble done each and every week. Although only one each week will not get either of us to the finish line on time, at least we won’t fall too far behind. So here is this week’s scrumble. When Marg supplies me with a few pics of her gorgeous work … I will publish those also (with her permission of course).


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