Freeform Bag Workshop

May 2, 2010

Yesterday (Saturday) was the second and last day of our two day freeform bag making workshop at Textile Artistry in Dromana.  I was blown away by the progress of the group – there were bullions and ruffles and bobbles and mushrooms galore … all the elements that make our scrumbles come to life.

I am always surprised by how everyone interprets the art differently – every piece is unique.  And it seems to me that once you click into letting go of the pattern (and that is not easy) it’s one of the most creative fibre art forms around.  There were many comments around the table about the housework not getting done … or someone else can do the ironing … or it’s bad luck that the kids need feeding, but for the most part it was very quiet with everyone working diligently on their scrumbles.  All signs of a passionate scrumbler in the making. 

We didn’t quite get to making up our bags but once we started pinning our freeform pieces to the to the frame … everyone starts to imagine how these disparate pieces will end up making a beautiful freeform art piece.


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