Scrumble Challenge

April 12, 2010
Welcome to week 2 of our scrumble challenge.
After a weekend spent planning for my workshop next weekend, it was wonderful to sit and knit for a little while on Sunday night to create my next scrumble for the scrumble challenge.
I’d like to get a head of steam up on this because I’ll shortly be putting together my entries for the 2010 Scarf Festival at the National Wool Museum in Geelong, Victoria. 
For those of you who haven’t had a chance to catch the Scarf Festival, I highly recommend a visit this year. It’s on from Friday 18 June through to Sunday 25 July and always features a plethora of wonderful pieces hand crafted by very talented fibre artists from around Australia.   This year’s festival revolves around the theme of “Reflections”, and entries are due in by 24 May. 
Contact the National Wool Museum (see my blog roll in the right hand column) if you need more information.
For now, here is this weeks Blue Days Scrumble.


  1. Looks good – I particularly like the shell edge on the right and the “star peaks” on the top left. You are definitely winning so far this week. I have been too busy at work and knitting my circle scarf. I shall just have to try to catch up on the weekend while you are working.

  2. That was a bit of a “mistake” and then I decided I could use it anyway and just played until it worked.
    As I have said many times, it’s hard to make a mistake in freeform knitting.
    Will you post your circle scarf?

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