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Crochet Coral Workshop

November 18, 2010

This Sunday 21 November, Margaret and I will be at Bunnings in Scoresby from 11.00 a.m. showing off our little crochet coral atoll and talking to people about the crochet coral reef project.  Come and say hello and bring along your crochet hook and a bit of yarn if you’d like to learn how to make some basic crochet coral to contribute to the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef at Burrinja in Upwey.

We look forward to seeing you there.



November 11, 2010

My most favourite fashion accessories label d-lux has finally gone online.  Now you can buy your next favourite scarf 24/7 for delivery to almost anywhere in the world. Woohoo?

If you want to look at the new d-lux site (eye candy) visit … and they have a prize draw if you sign up for their e-newsletter before Christmas.  Maybe you’ll get an early Christmas pressie!!!

Click on the image below for a better look … and spread the word far and wide.


Crochet Coral

October 10, 2010

Yesterday was the launch of the Melbourne Satellite of the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef at Burrinja Gallery.  It was a very exciting day for the many contributors who have wielded hooks making coral for this wonderful worldwide community project.  Congratulations to the curator(s) Tracy Hallyar and Annie Wertheim and a wonderful team that worked so hard to pull it all together  - they have made a stunning art installation from a riotous profusion of colour and stitchery from all manner of fibres –  from all around Victoria.  If you get the chance – it is certainly worth a visit.



October 4, 2010

Knitting and all things fibre took a little bit of a backseat this weekend in our home, with the replay of the drawn  AFL Grand Final on Saturday and subsequent celebrations on Saturday night in our household (and the obligatory replay over and over on Sunday). Our football team, the Mighty Magpies took the flag after a 20 year drought.

However, my other equally exciting news is about the launch of the Melbourne Satellite Crochet Coral Reef Project this coming weekend. The exhibition (along with a number of associated events) will run until early January 2011 at the Burrinja Gallery in Glenfern Road Upwey.  It is well worth a visit (see below).


My Scrumbling Week

October 1, 2010

I have had a wonderful week this week.  On Monday I delivered a load of handmade bits and pieces to a Open Drawer, a new craft gallery opening up in Camberwell in a couple of weeks.  I also delivered the first finished batch of our Pubknitters squares blankets and a few other bits and pieces to our chosen charity – Impact for Women (womens refuge in East Bentleigh). Then on Tuesday I spent the day sorting crochet coral (and being constantly amazed by how clever some people are) for the forthcoming Melbourne Satellite Reef Project.  In between times I’ve done a couple of days of paid work and put some time into my other knit/crochet projects including my Blue Days Throw Rug. Honestly, who has time to work, let alone do the housework and get some exercise in. There are just not enough hours in the day or days in the week.  However, despite my great week, it has not quite made up for a rather dismal day last Saturday when my team drew in the AFL Grand Final – I was at the game and it was a very weird end to a really brutal match … now we all (players and supporters) have to go back and do it all again tomorrow for the replay.  GO PIES!!!  Below are a few of my “POD” machine felted brooch pins which will be available at Open Drawer when it opens in a couple of weeks (I’ll post details soon).


Creating Crochet Coral Reefs

August 28, 2010

 Today I spent a wonderful afternoon with a bunch of extremely creative crocheters creating more crochet coral for the Melbourne Satellite Reef Project.  We were joined by Mark Rodrigue from Parks Victoria, Marine Coasts and Catchments Officer who spoke (rather passionately) about Victoria’s wonderful and diverse marine national parks and sanctuaries.  VERY inspirational indeed.  In turn, I think he was more than a little blown away by the output of our crochet group.  As our deadline draws near – we are all more increasingly excited by the project and look forward to oour exhibition launch on 9th October.  Well worth a visit. In the meantime, I’ve added a few shots of the coral atoll sister in law Margaret and I have created for the project.  It measures approx one metre across the base.  More coral to follow next post.


Speaking of Scarves

August 17, 2010

This is my newest scarf creation – I call it coral.  Gorgeous, warm and snuggly, it was made as a gift for a colleague’s birthday.
I’ve named it Coral because the design is based on the crochet “coral” I am making for the Melbourne Satellite Reef Project. This one is made in charcoal silk/wool/mohair mix – very soft, very warm and very, very tactile.  Lovely to wear on really cold, blustery winter days. I’ve also included an image of the coral that the scarf was based on.

Crochet Coral


Scrumbling Naturally

August 2, 2010

I’ve not made mention of my scrumbling challenge with my sister-in-law Margaret for some time because we have both been bitten by the crochet coral bug and have been making coral with gay abandon for the Melbourne Satellite Reef Project. However, I thought it was high time to share with you the progress of Margaret’s beautiful freeform rug in natural tones … it is so gorgeous and so tactile, and such a work of art, that I can’t wait to see the finished project.  We are still working towards completing our projects, but it may take a little longer than we anticipated.  In the meantime, here are some images for you to marvel at.


Crochet Coral Heaven

July 25, 2010

Yesterday (Saturday) my sister-in-law and I took ourselves off to our second workshop for the Melbourne Satellite Reef Project.  We were like two little kids with a bunch of brand new toys – so excited were we.  Totally hooked in more ways than one.  That this is only our second workshop is a bit of a heartbreak for us because we came in so late in the project.  Although it is hoped that it will continue to evolve and tour widely well past the first exhibition.  The curators were laying out the coral creations in preparation for the first exhibition of the reef – and we were all totally blown away.  Here are a few images of the gorgeous corals created by some extremely talented, innovative and fearless crafters.  It’s not too late to join and you don’t have to be highly skilled.  A few basic crochet stitches and kindergarten colour 101 are the only prerequisites.


More Crochet Coral

July 19, 2010

I am loving the freedom of creating coral for the Melbourne Satellite Reef Project. You can play with form and colour all you like and not make a mistake. For someone who is not native to crochet, it gives me an opportunity to play big time. This weekend the group get together at the Burrinja Gallery in Upwey, where the Reef will be exhibited, to create more coral for their up and coming exhibition and to get an idea of how all the pieces will fit together. Exciting time for the group as they begin to see the fruits of their labours. Meanwhile, here are my latest pieces of coral. The time line on my blue days throw has suffered somewhat since I’ve returned from Port Douglas with all the inspiration that the real Great Barrier Reef has given me – but a girl simply has to play.


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